technology ruins romance

The thing about technology is that as much as it connects, it gives people a new sense of loneliness. Despite the many ways you can be reached -text, call, chat, line, facebook, that one person you long to reach out to you still decides not to. And when he does, it only makes you realize how much he prefers to connect to you in this less effective way -impersonal, unintimate. Instead of giving you what you really need all along. #foreveralone

In this time when technology has decreased amount of time wasted on boredom, it has just as well significantly decreased time spent on reminiscing memories, thinking of loved ones, self discovery and finding out the best way to live a meaningful life. Time has grown to be too precious a commodity people rarely realize the value of a moment shared together.

But in the end technology is not the culprit and this entry is just a mere reflection of my bitterness as I am once again rejected for reasons beyond my understanding. In the end, it is fine not to talk about these things as it may be the end of us when we find that we do not put the same weigts of value to the dates and events. Let’s veer away from confronting the truth that you have hurt me and it pains me to not understand at all the reasons you have.

Go on and choose technology over me but this I tell you. No techolnology will give you as much time as I can when I say always. No technology can promise you forever.